Heat Recovery

A heat recovery system is designed to completely change all the air in a property at least once every 2 hours, continually replacing the stale damp air with fresh, warm, clean, filtered air.

  • Increasing comfort and air quality due to constant air renewing. Used oxygen is replaced; the C02 level remains low. Smells and toxins are removed
  • Humidity is reduced to an ideal level
  • Warmth remains inside the building, pollution and noise stay outside 
  • Fresh air from outside is filtered and preheated. Also available with separately available F7-filter to remove pollen
  • Substantial reduction of additional heat demand leading to lower heating costs
  • High efficiency levels in returning heat to the building
  • Low levels of house dust, reducing dusting and vacuuming
  • Meets the requirements of EU Energy Directive
  • Supply and installation or supply-only kits for self build